General Disclaimer
The Health Coach’s responsibility is to help you focus on and become accountable for the changes that you wish to make with regard to your health and lifestyle. The coach will critically evaluate, encourage, support and provide direction to help you transition from your current state or behaviour patterns to better or healthier ones that are aligned with your current Aspirations and goals.

Your health is about taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. Your ability to make successful and long-lasting overall health improvements rests with you.

It is not the role or the responsibility of the Health Coach to:
• Make personal dietary plans, although guidance may be given where appropriate
• Provide medical, therapeutic or curative advice in place of a doctor or physician
• Prescribe, diagnose, or treat any disease or illness
• Provide quick fixes, or deliver so-called miracles

Health Coaching is not a substitute for Medical Care.
You may be asked to contact your doctor before entering into a Health Coaching Programme.
If you have or are aware of any existing medical or mental conditions, whether or not you are undergoing treatment for them, and whether or not they contribute to the symptoms you experience, you must make your Health Coach aware of them as well as any regular medicine or treatment that you may be receiving.

We understand and respect your desire for privacy and that you may not wish to share these details with us. However, we cannot be expected to anticipate the impact or suitability of the Health and Lifestyle coaching programme that you choose if we are unaware of medical or mental conditions that you suffer from. And you should be aware that it is your responsibility if you have any doubt, to first check with your doctor or physician as to the suitability of the Health Coaching Programme given your conditions at this particular stage of your life.

Your Self-Responsibility Disclaimer whilst working with us:
In working with Coaching for Aspirations, I am aware that I take full and unconditional responsibility for my health and fitness and for the results that I generate as a consequence of my actions whilst electing to make health, diet, fitness and lifestyle changes in my life. I understand that the support and educational content received from Coaching for Aspirations is entirely in my hands to implement or not as I see fit for as long as I choose to travel along my path to reaching my health, diet, fitness and lifestyle goals.

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