What is Life Coaching?

Are you unhappy with the cards that life has dealt you? Life Coaching is for anyone who is Aware that they are facing a challenge in their life. We may not always be able to choose what happens to us but we can choose how we respond to that challenge and make the most of the hand that we’ve been dealt. We can Aspire to respond differently.

At Coaching for Aspirations we help our clients rise to their challenge – to Act – Strengths are identified, fears reduced, resilience built and resourcefulness increased. We ensure that the right solution is Achieved in order to move forward in life.

What can Life Coaching help with?

Life coaching can help with a whole array of life’s challenges. For example, are you:

    • at a crossroads situation in your life such as retirement or divorce?

    • facing a major decision and are unsure of your options?

    • feeling stuck in a rut, lost or “in a funk” with life?

    • in need of motivation to achieve a goal or are having trouble following through on it?

    • not happy with where you’re at in life & are in search of a new direction or purpose?

    • struggling with self-confidence?

    • feeling easily overwhelmed?

    • unhappy with your career but not sure what you want to do next?

    • feeling low, disillusioned or suffering from a knock to your confidence caused by a personal or career experience?

    • struggling in a relationship and in need of clarity?

    • happy but want to continue to grow and reach your next level of greatness or success?

    • aware of a vision for yourself but need help creating a plan to realise it?

How working with a Life Coach can help you

If any of the above points chime, or if you have another reason for seeking out the help of a life coach, why not schedule a free no obligation 60 minute Discovery Session. The Discovery Session is specifically designed to give you and your coach a clearer picture of the challenge being faced and what it will take to work through it.

Our sessions put you at centre stage and are designed to open options for you. We will provide you with the necessary support, stretch and accountability that will lead you to finding the right solution for your situation.

Life Coaching sessions will always be carried out on a 1-2-1 basis with a Certified Life Coach which, if you’re someone who is really busy, can consist of a telephone or Skype call. Each session typically lasts 60 minutes and builds on the previous one so that we lay a solid foundation for your success. By the end of the programme you will have established a new base line and a new set of behaviours and actions for yourself that must lead to achieving your aspirations and goals – no matter what’s going on in your life!

Book a Discovery Session

“Clare was very professional and had great listening skills, I just knew we would work well together.

Life coaching has helped me with different areas of my life, business, relationships, health and nutrition. Every session was different and very productive. Coaching has helped me believe in myself and my abilities. It enabled me to push myself further and go outside my comfort zone. I cannot recommend Clare highly enough, she will help you achieve all you wish for yourself and more!”

Helen F   



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