Health and Wellness Coaching is for anyone who wants to make a positive and lasting change to their health and general wellbeing.

Life Coaching

Who benefits from Health and Wellness Coaching?
Health and Wellness Coaching is suitable for anyone who can identify with one or more of the following:

  • Leads a busy life and struggles to find time for themselves or their health.
  • Feels under pressure to perform and is experiencing stress generated by their everyday life
  • May have noticed a drop in their energy levels and are no longer able to perform at the same levels as before
  • Has gained some extra weight that they would like to shift
  • Probably knows what should change but can’t seem to find the time, energy, or motivation to deal with it
  • Would like to make a positive change to their health and wellbeing but feels flat, stuck, powerless, or trapped by their current situation
  • Has tried to make a change but falls back into old routines and behaviours after a period

How will Working with a Health and Wellness Coach Help Me?
Working with a coach will help you to:

  • Discover what’s been stopping you, slowing you or keeping you from achieving a better level of health and wellbeing
  • Develop a powerful vision of your goals so that you can focus on achieving them
  • Cut through the confusing and contradictory information and the “one size fits all” mentality to discover which foods and lifestyle habits are preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Develop a bespoke step by step action plan tailored to your needs that will lead to your success
  • Get to know yourself better so that re-tuning to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stable weight becomes second nature; you’re just shifting your dial…
  • Break through any resistance that you may feel and overcome any self-sabotage
  • Feel more confident and have the tools to stay on track with your goals – no matter what life throws at you!
  • Feel supported, motivated, and accountable to your goals and aspirations
  • Learn that for positive change to be durable you must own it. And, that making changes to your lifestyle are not all work and no play!

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Accreditations, Scope of Practice, and Insurance:

Clare van der Spuy qualified as a Health Coach at The Health Coach Institute. She is also a Member of the UK Health Coaches Association.

Her Scope of Practice is as follows:
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General Scope of Practice Disclaimer

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