Business coaching is for anyone who is driven to improve their professional performance and achieve their business goals. 

At Coaching for Aspirations, we help business owners and entrepreneurs to strike a balance between living a life they enjoy whilst running a business that brings money, meaning and purpose to them.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, business coaching can provide you with the guidance, support, and direction you need to succeed. We help you to structure and direct your dedication to excellence and a desire to deliver high quality products and services. 

What is the Business Navigator Programme?

The programme aims to help new and existing business owners and entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges of running a successful business and make decisions about which next steps to take to grow or improve their business. 

“Creating a space where there is a logical framework to work within and where the noise of everyday life is quietened helps our clients tune into an internal compass so that they can navigate a path that is right for them”

During the programme business owners work to identify and overcome the obstacles they face and develop strategies that will enable them to achieve their objectives – whether these are to grow their business, increase profitability, or achieve other stakeholder aspirations. Depending on their needs, topics covered may include marketing, sales, financial and risk management, mindset, time management, work-life balance, stress management, resilience, leadership, and team building.

The programme typically involves a series of coaching sessions, and exercises that help our clients to identify their goals, create a plan for achieving them, and build the skills and confidence they need to apply them and succeed. In addition, some of our clients choose a periodic half or one day “intensive” to dive deeper into specific issues. 

Everything in the programme is bespoke, tailored to the client’s needs, and provides them with access to valuable resources, tools, and expertise that can help them to achieve their goals – taking their business to the next level. 

Who will be coaching me?

The coaching sessions will always be run by Clare van der Spuy, founder of Coaching for Aspirations. Clare trained as a Chartered Accountant, initially working in accountancy private practice and then in industry. She gained experience locally and internationally with small to medium sized businesses, (including her own) across many industries including French couture fashion, physical energy trading, aviation and property. Her wealth of knowledge and experience means you’ll finish the session knowing exactly which areas to focus on to navigate your path to success.

What kind of things are included in the Business Navigator Programme? 

Whilst each business is different, common themes include.

  • Development of a clear business plan: This includes identifying the entrepreneur’s long-term vision for the business and outlining the steps necessary to achieve that vision. (The business plan will include the executive summary, company description, market analysis, product or service line, marketing and sales strategies, and financial projections).


  • Clarifying business goals and vision: Helping entrepreneurs to identify their medium-term goals and short-term objectives and create an alignment of plans with the longer-term vision for their business. This includes setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound (SMART) goals for the business. This may include identifying revenue targets, market share goals, customer acquisition targets, and other key performance indicators (KPI).


  • Product or service development: Working with entrepreneurs to refine their products or services and create a plan to bring them to market.


  • Sales and marketing: Helping entrepreneurs develop a marketing plan and sales strategy to effectively reach and convert target audiences.


  • Flexibility & Adaptability: It is crucial for entrepreneurs in today’s fast-paced world to build a system that can effectively respond to changing circumstances, emerging opportunities, and market conditions. Giving entrepreneurs the tools to create a system that responds effectively to these things will keep the business manoeuvrable and evolving, helping it to remain competitive, minimise inefficiencies, wasted resources and missed opportunities and accelerate its success.  


  • Financial management: Providing guidance on budgeting, transaction capture, cash flow management, and pricing strategies. 


  • Time management and productivity: Helping entrepreneurs to manage their time effectively and prioritise tasks to maximise productivity.


  • Leadership and team building: Providing guidance on leadership skills, team building, and employee management to help entrepreneurs build and manage successful teams.


  • Personal development: Assisting entrepreneurs in developing the skills and mindset necessary to succeed on their entrepreneurial journey, including resilience, communication, (this may include DISC analysis).


  • Networking and partnerships: Helping entrepreneurs build their network and establish partnerships with other businesses and individuals in their industry.


  • Risk management and problem solving: Providing guidance on risk identification, management, and problem-solving skills to help entrepreneurs mitigate risks and solve complex problems.


  • Accountability and support: Providing regular check-ins and support to help entrepreneurs stay on track with or re-set their goals and hold them accountable for taking action towards business objectives. 


How do I find out if business coaching is right for me?

The best thing to do is have an informal chat with Clare. We guarantee that by the end of the call you will have a clear understanding of what your next steps should be – even if that’s not working with us! 

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