Business coaching is for anyone who owns or runs a business and is

Struggling to

  • consistently hit their monthly income targets
  • build a business that operates efficiently and effectively
  • find a satisfactory work and home life balance

And feels

  • alone in running their business
  • the weight of the responsibility of the business on their shoulders
  • the business is running them rather than the other way around
  • tired and in need of an injection of energy
  • stuck and unsure of to how to develop their business into the vision they hold for it

Please don’t struggle on alone, we are here to help you. Our knowledge and expertise will help you design your business around you and your business needs.

We use Clare’s heart centred 5 step method to hone your mindset, develop your business strategy and introduce you to some high-performance habits that will enable you to optimise your business practices, achieve your income targets & live a better work-life balance.

Our coaching method will give you:

  • Clarity on what you want to achieve & choice with regards to your options
  • A sounding board to help you make sense of the choices available to you, enabling you to make confident and well-informed decisions that you feel comfortable with and are right for you, your business and your family, each step of the way
  • An independent check on your thinking at each stage of the process
  • A detailed roadmap of how you will get from A to B set in the context of your business and personal life
  • A decision & a set of actions during every session that keeps you moving forward in the direction of your goals
  • Our support, expertise & accountability for the duration of the programme to help you with the implementation of your action steps, strategies & habits

Lessons & insights gained from taking part that will stay with you long after the programme has ended.                                                                                      

The Heart Centred 5 step Method in more detail:

Step 1 – Step Back

We help you step back from the current situation so that you can gain CLARITY on

  • what is really happening in your business and your life
  • what’s no longer working and why
  • what your available options are

We then look at the options carefully so that you can make the right decision about which ones to pursue.

After that we identify and set your goals and develop a STRATEGY, a systematic road map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Celebrating milestones along the way.

At all times we will make sure that you feel confident about making each decision and that any actions necessary feels achievable in the context of your existing life.


Step 2 – Let Go

This is where we look at all the things that could get in the way of achieving what you want and find a way around them.

We let go of the old so that the new can come in. This could mean how you see the situation and your beliefs around it, as well as the practical things that are currently getting in the way of you taking action to get to your goals.


Step 3 – Say Yes!

This is work we do around giving yourself permission to make the necessary changes, so you can have what you want without guilt, worry or shame. We will help you find the tools & take the steps to achieve your goals, at both a practical and emotional level.


Step 4 – Take Action

This is the delivery of the road map, or action plan that we create for you. We will constantly review where you are at so that you are always taking the next steps and actions to get you where you want to be.

We help you take consistent action, often this is easy when we first start out on a new project but as willpower wanes and life gets back in the way this becomes increasingly difficult. We help you develop the high-performance habits that you will need to acquire to succeed.


Step 5 – Set up Support & Accountability

Having a coach to support, stretch and hold you accountable to your actions & goals becomes really important – not in the times when things are going well but, in those times, when things get difficult or hard to deal with. It’s in times when you’d rather run & hide, or can’t see a way forward that having a coach on your side will help you REFRAME the event or situation, and help you see other possibilities that you couldn’t see by yourself. Having us on your side will mean you achieve more, faster than you would alone.


CEO Mindset



  1. What does mindset Cover?

Mindset is key to success, so we will be continuously checking it by looking at “who you’re being” with relation to your business-life. It includes things like:

  • Are you acting like a CEO or as an employee in your business? Is the business running you or the other way around? Stepping into & embracing the CEO mindset
  • Is your belief system holding you back? Identifying your blocks and showing you how to clear the beliefs that are holding you back. Blocks to being successful could include feeling like an imposter; money mindset blocks such as price setting, asking for payment, chasing up & collecting what’s due etc.
  • Building confidence in decision making, overcoming doubts & fears & learning to trust in yourself
  • Overcoming sabotaging behaviours that stop you from making the progress you want and that keep us stuck such as procrastination, analysis paralysis, perfectionism, overwhelm etc.
  • Learning to recognise the signs that you are getting in your own way of making the progress you want by learning how to notice the stories [excuses] you tell yourself as to why something can’t be done [yet] and how to deal with them
  1. What does strategy cover?

This is where we create the road map and develop the tactics to achieve your goals. We will work to ascertain exactly which areas of your business-life to work on and includes things such as:

  • niche / messaging / marketing / sales
  • cost control
  • systems e.g. accounting / client onboarding / getting in help , all of which to save you time, money and help you to become more productive
  • time management & work-life balance / making more time for family & your interests
  • self-care & the establishment of your foundational habits for success
  1. What does high performance habits cover?

Habits are the roots that give you the solid foundations you need to succeed in business and in life. They deliver results because they anchor you and keep your behaviours consistent and meaningful. They are the small daily, weekly & monthly routines you adopt that lead to your ultimate success. With the right habits in place life flows and struggle falls away.

We will teach you a system that will show your habits for success in business and in life. We will show you how to measure your progress and optimise performance by tweaking your behaviours on an ongoing basis.

We will ensure that you reach your vision by correctly setting goals, adopting the practice of regular review and implementation of the lessons learnt so that they are fed back to improve your outcomes.


  1. How is the programme delivered & how much does it cost?

This very much depends on your needs and will be established with you during the discovery session. All sessions and materials are bespoke, designed specifically for your requirements. Ongoing support is provided in between sessions as agreed, e.g. by telephone, WhatsApp & Email.

How do I find out if business coaching is right for me?

The best thing to do is to have an informal chat with us.  We guarantee by the end of our call you will have a clear understanding of what your next steps should be – even if that’s not working with us!


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