Our logo captures what is for us, the essence of our Coaching Mission. If you look carefully, you may see four intertwined A’s. And if you don’t see it, well, then just imagine it! Because if you can imagine something, then we hope you will learn to share in our belief of how, when you reach out to your visions, they will become your realities!

At the centre of our logo, the first A is for Awareness. At the core of our mission, lies the belief that you may have experienced some event that has triggered an awakening, or you may already be Aware – of a need for change in your life, health or business – whether as a conscious, yet possibly poorly-defined statement of where you’re at, or whether you could be quite specific about what you’re unhappy about. This Awareness may also be manifesting itself as a feeling of discomfort or unhappiness about where others are in relation to yourself – the so-called “Compare and Despair”!

The second A is for Aspiration: This is your conscious desire to do something about the discomfort that you are feeling, and to be in a different place to where you’re at right now. You may have an image in your mind – of a mindset, place or situation – of what that destination should look or feel like. In fact, you may have harboured this aspiration for years but suppressed it and it has become an unwelcome state of being – a destructive tension or discomfort because you don’t really believe in it – yet you really do want to change things, you Aspire to be or feel different, and even if this may be difficult or you see lots of barriers, you are willing to engage in a constructive tension to escape this rut – and to make an investment in the discomfort of change.

That’s where the third A comes in, which is for Action: Coaching for Aspirations plays its role – by using a structured and measured approach, we invest in the time together to understand what your first two A’s above are about, and together, we help you to take responsibility for devising a plan and process of implementation of change to nail the issues that matter most to you – a process of doing something about your Aspiration and heading towards the destination that you have always imagined – but have never believed possible to reach on your own.

Finally, our fourth A, For Achievement: This is about reaching your destination in a sustainable way, something you can consider a success and in which you have learned to master or manage any difficulties and challenges that you may have encountered on the way – and lest you fall back, also in the future. You will have reached a higher state of being, achieved that higher version and vision of yourself. And who knows, this may trigger a new Awareness, a higher Aspiration – in itself an Achievement – and lead to new Actions to reach that higher level and state of being – Achievement at another level.

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