At Coaching for Aspirations we “Aspire to be More”. Our sole purpose is to make sure our clients are enabled to Act and to Achieve the things that they Aspire to in life. The measure of our success is simple – if you don’t Achieve neither do we.

About Coaching for Aspirations

We are a growing UK-based Coaching consortium linked to other specialist Coaches and health experts internationally who share our values. We take the time to get to know you so that we can truly “get on your map”. We want to fully understand what your Aspirations are and what drives them. We act as a sounding board for your thoughts, objectives and feelings so that during our sessions you can gain clarity through an open and confidential dialogue. We help you to Achieve your Aspirations by Acting in partnership with you and by formulating a set of goals that will lead you to Achieve your Aspirations. Goals set will always be carefully considered so that they are realistic and achievable within a specific time frame. And, we will help you define a series of steps to get there. We provide you with the accountability, stretch and support that you need during the process of change so that your dreams and ambitions can become your new reality. We will always hold your highest vision for you and consider it as your true aim. We see you as fully capable of achieving your goals and Aspirations, especially during those times that you may doubt it.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Clare now for over a year. She has helped me many times to gain a new sense of perspective and energy to try new habits and push through on things I’ve been putting off! Her warm, kind and understanding nature and approach helps me to feel comfortable and to open up. She is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about all things health and I’ve learned so much from her. I would highly recommend working with Clare.” 

Stephanie Mary

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