ClareHi, I’m Clare and it’s my mission to help you achieve your Aspirations faster than you would alone. It’s simple if you don’t succeed neither do I.

My background:
I’m married with children; I enjoy being outside in nature – especially on the water and under sail! I love travel and the experience that travel brings… 

I trained as a Chartered Accountant, initially working in accountancy private practice and then in industry. I gained experience locally and internationally running small to medium sized businesses, (including my own) across many industries including French couture fashion, physical energy trading, aviation, and property. For me work satisfaction has always been more than hitting the numbers. The people I worked with were equally as important – when operating in busy and lively market environments across international time, geographical and cultural boundaries you often have to harness a multitude of cultures, values and outlooks to row in the same direction and this requires listening, communicating, respecting and being respected. You soon learn that the aspirations held in common are more difficult to define than defining what we are against. Relationships built on finding common goals can arise from different approaches, they require real effort and a willingness to invest in some discomfort, but to see people happy, striving and thriving as a result is hugely rewarding. 

Through my many interactions and conversations with my colleagues I developed strong bonds with them and increasingly became many peoples’ confidant on non-work-related matters. They came to me to talk about their health, their happiness, and their aspirations, often feeling they couldn’t go anywhere else with their concerns. Other times they appreciated me simply being a neutral sounding board. I always gave them my time and listened to them. I felt honoured that so many people trusted me and placed their confidence in me. We explored the options available and blue-skyed about best courses of action to take. I acted as their anchor (not brake!) and gave them encouragement when things got tough and helped them to see – and celebrate! – their successes. Somehow, this natural gravitation of people continued outside of business life. So, when an email landed in my inbox explaining how coaching changed someone’s life, I read on… It sounded awfully familiar and remarkably like what I had been doing naturally already, yet offered the prospect of a structure, discipline and building blocks to validate what I had been doing instinctively all along. I made some enquires and in 2018 I took the brave step of embarking on the journey of retraining as a coach – and have never looked back. 

Now what I was doing behind the scenes in an unofficial capacity has become my career. I am proud to say that I now have separate qualifications in Health, Life and Transformational coaching, as well as being a DISC behaviour and personality assessor. I’m so grateful that each day I get to combine my business experience and natural coaching instincts with the skills, knowledge and tools that I have gained from my various trainings to enable people to act to achieve their aspirations in life. 

ICF MemberUK Health Coaches Association MemberACC Associate Certified Coach - ICF Credentials and Standards
Issuer: International Coaching FederationUK Health Coaches Association MemberInternational Coaching Federation Accreditation
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