Are you setting yourself up to win the game you’re playing?

I had an insight around business success and sailing the other day, it came whilst talking to another sailor about some of the long-distance trips we have made. It struck me that a skipper and an entrepreneur use the same formula for success.

A skipper in advance of attempting to sail any sort of meaningful distance will;

  • know where the yacht is headed and where it will make land
  • commit to being the skipper of the yacht
  • fully understand and own the responsibility of the role of skipper
  • create the master plan for the voyage, and then get into the specifics of what it will actually take
  • be aware of and understand the variables that will pull the yacht off course such as weather, tides etc.
  • understand the technical aspects of the yacht and the equipment on board
  • source a crew with the right experience, strengths and fully understand their weaknesses
  • obtain funding for the voyage and deploy it efficiently
  • provision the boat and kit the crew out
  • train for the voyage

And then finally, the scary fun bit! Set sail!

Sounds awfully like a new business venture launch to me!

Success is in the details.

Interested to know what the skipper does next to continue the success?

Keep an eye on the horizon for the next post.

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