Why I am a Coach

Why I’m a Coach

Why I am a CoachWhy did I become a Coach and create Coaching for Aspirations? I have been asked this a lot. It’s simple really, I want you to be able to live the life that is right for you. To be the master or mistress of your own destiny. I believe despite the constraints that life seems to put in our way, we can each find a path that enables us to live in a manner that brings each one of us to our own best version of health, happiness, financial freedom and inner peace.

I feel that one of my strengths is helping people to slow down so that they can speed up and to cut away the “noise” in their life. This is where transformation starts to happen. It’s where we start to listen to our inner guidance and notice the meaningful coincidences that occur in life, sent to guide us as we journey through it. It’s easy to miss these seemingly insignificant signposts when we are busy, stuck in the proverbial hamster wheel of life, running flat out yet keeping still & sweating the small stuff.

These past months have been difficult, many of us have taken stock of what is and what isn’t working in our lives. And, although the reason our lives are being disrupted are far from good, I believe that it does give us a massive opportunity to re-engineer them for the better. Sadly, this usually only happens at times of personal crisis like illness, losing a job or relationship breakdown which abruptly jolt us out of autopilot and into a place of reflection.

Many of my clients have found themselves taking stock of their life, career, or relationships at this time. Maybe you have too? It’s because we finally have the space to think about these things. We can hear our “inner guidance system” urging us to make changes and this throws up unfamiliar thoughts and feelings which can feel overwhelming and even frightening. We are not used to hearing them and are often uncertain of how to process them let alone know how to go about implementing the changes we feel we want to make. We find many reasons why the change really isn’t possible for us right now, yet still we feel we should make the change. This is an extremely uncomfortable place to be.

As a coach I help my clients make sense of these things. I use my proven 5-step process which is designed to give clarity and open up choice. It provides an independent check on my client’s thinking which in turn gives them the confidence that the decisions they make are well-informed and are right for them and their family. Together we build a strategy and a road map to get them to their new destination set in the context of their existing life. It is full of all the small things that will make big differences to how they feel right now and how they would like to live their life in the future. But most of all my clients love the support and accountability that they get from me, without which they tell me that change would not be possible – they would struggle to implement their plan. As their coach I am with them each step of the way. This process is amazing because it delivers the transformations my clients seek simply and effectively. Seeing my clients so happy and living a life that suits them better is why I love my job so much. And that’s why I’m a Coach.

If you feel that you are at a point in your life where something needs to change, don’t struggle on alone, I’m here to help. Click on the link to send me an email to schedule an informal chat about how you could change things for the better in your life  info@coachingforaspirations.com



It’s a Brand New Year and a Brand New Decade!

2020 new year boat

Isn’t it just brilliant that right now we are embarking not only on a New Year, but a whole New Decade – no matter that you are in your 20’s, 50’s or 70’s, we’re all in “The Twenties”! The Tens sound too much like a troublesome teenager, but the twenties … well, now we’re talking. What an amazing opportunity for a Fresh Start!

2020 makes me think of the old proverb “20/20 hindsight” which means it is easy to understand something after it has already happened and is usually used as an admonishment to a person who should’ve known something would happen, should’ve known better or has made a bad decision.

If we reflect on our last decade, what is it that we have learned or understand about what has happened to us – did we live it one year at a time till (another) ten had come to pass? Did we start in year one with a vision or view of how it would fit into a pathway for the decade ahead or did we kind of stumble across the threshold of the old decade into the new one? Were you so busy going somewhere that you ended up going nowhere? More importantly, are you set to “Repeat Play”?

How about resolving now to drive across the threshold into 2030 and saying – “WOW, that was a GREAT decade? Absolutely nailed it!” Whatever areas of life you want this to manifest in – health, relationships, self-actualisation, fitness, nobility, time with friends and family, help for others – I want to help you look forward and visualise, define, prioritise and take those first steps now. By all means stop, review, re-calibrate, take new steps and so on as every day has a tiny bit of 20/20 hindsight and reflection from which we gain small course-corrections and lessons to move forward, but never lose sight of the bigger picture – scoring a big long term win for yourself. We build careers, houses, relationships, but do we have a long-term Aspiration of building who we are and what we become?

Sports teams on a journey to success don’t hire coaches as a sign of weakness or fear, but as a sign of resolution and strength. When you’re paying someone good money to help you raise your game, that’s a sacrifice, not a submission. It’s an expression of your ambition to improve, not a guilty secret or failure to be hidden from public view. And it is a challenge to life to conform to your will.

Coaches may deal with all and everything from individual and technical skills to fitness, mental attitude and team play, but without keeping a perspective on enjoyment of the game and respect for its rules – which in your case could include your enjoyment of good health, diet and life choices – the game wins and you lose…

Hindsight makes it easy to be knowledgeable about our health or life choices, we can see things that perhaps should’ve been obvious at the time, but didn’t act on because we were too busy living in the moment. But that’s okay if we learn from them, right?

If you want to convert the learnings from your last decade into actions to make the 20’s a conscious, challenging and enjoyable journey to personal self-actualisation, then talk to Coaching for Aspirations. We have built a reputation for delivering a focus on what success means to you.



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