The journey of discovering how to blog ….


Today is the day that I take what feels like a massive step in writing my first blog post for my website. I have been recommended to try some special software – as it will make writing it easier, but I must confess as I try to use it I feel anxiety rising up inside of me. How does it all work? Where exactly will this software post it on my website? Did I set it up correctly? Will I make a good job of it? I am completely out of my comfort zone. Should I wait until I know exactly what to do so that it will look perfect? The old me would be saying yes right now! But not any more, that would keep me stuck and frustrated, a horrible place to be and somewhere I don’t like to visit these days. And so it’s with a very deep breath that I’m diving in.  I’m choosing to actively embrace where I’m at right now and I am allowing it to be exactly how it is  – not perfect..  So as I press the publish button I am hopeful that I haven’t totally messed up! I tell myself that what ever the outcome that it’s okay, the fact that I’m on the path to learning a new skill is all that matters. It’s only a matter of  time and it will become second nature to me.  I even allow myself to imagine that I could actually enjoy the experience! So my dear friends thank you for bearing with me as I build my blogging muscle and also for not judging the mistakes that I’m bound to make along the way.. 


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